SÜLZLE Gruppe acquires Klein Technical Solutions GmbH

Even more successful internationally with strategic partnership.

02 May 2014—The SÜLZLE Group has acquired Klein Technical Solutions GmbH headquartered in Rhineland-Palatinate’s Niederfischbach, which has fallen into bankruptcy, thereby expanding the former’s portfolio to include machines and systems for thickening, dewatering, and drying sewage sludge. With the acquisition, Klein Technical Solutions can retain its location and continue employing its 45 employees. The company is being managed independently under the new name SÜLZLE Klein.

‘This strategic partnership enables us not only to expand our product range’, explained Heinrich Sülzle, managing director of the SÜLZLE Group based in Swabian Rosenfeld. ‘We also see considerable potential in this synergy to be even more strongly present in internationally important markets.’ Last year Klein Technical Solutions generated a profit of more than ten million Euros; the foreign share comprised over 50 per cent.
The company is a market leader in the development and implementation of intelligent thickening, dewatering, and drying systems. Standardized small-scale systems as well as individual large-scale systems are planned and implemented based on extensive experience. Klein Technical Solutions’ products are for instance connected upstream from sewage sludge gasification—a process that KOPF SynGas, a member of the SÜLZLE Group, developed and patented.

The traditional company Klein Technical Solutions, which now looks back on a history of 60 years, was a 100 per cent subsidiary of SH+E Group in the Black Forest. This belonged to RENA, the engineering machinist for the solar industry. The company from Niederfischbach was also affected when the SH+E Group got into difficulties last autumn and filed for bankruptcy in early 2014.
‘Nonetheless we were confident from the beginning of finding a partner with whom we could continue to successfully run and expand our business’, says Klein’s managing director Björn Wunderlich. ‘After all, we’ve built up a very good reputation and established ourselves as a global market leader since our company’s been in existence.’ Klein Technical Solutions is viewed as innovative and has introduced many new products into the market.

SÜLZLE Klein GmbH can continue to develop dynamically in this new set-up. ‘We now have a strong partner in the SÜLZLE Group with which we can successfully get a flying start’, Wunderlich explains.

Heinrich und Andreas Sülzle

Heinrich and Andreas Sülzle, managing directors of the SÜLZLE Group: ‘We also see considerable potential in this synergy to be even more strongly present in internationally important markets.’

Björn Wunderlich

Björn Wunderlich, managing director of SÜLZLE Klein: ‘With the SÜLZLE Group we have a partner with which we can successfully get a flying start’

Standort rheinland-pfälzisches Niederfischbach

All 45 jobs at the site in Rhineland-Palatinate’s Niederfischbach are being retained.


SÜLZLE Klein implements sewage sludge drying plants as here in New Zealand. SÜLZLE Klein’s products are for instance connected upstream from sewage sludge gasification—a process that KOPF SynGas developed and patented.


The SÜLZLE Group is an international family company operated by the fourth generation. It has more than 130 years of experience and tradition.
The group comprises four corporate divisions: SÜLZLE Stahlpartner, SÜLZLE Nutzeisen, SÜLZLE KOPF, and SÜLZLE Klein.
With eleven sites, SÜLZLE Stahlpartner is one of Germany’s largest reinforcing-steel dealers and steel processing centres. It is in direct contact with many international steel mills. The company supplies not just customized reinforcing cages, bolts, and reinforcing steel of all variants, but also provides structural steel, pipes, and sheets.
SÜLZLE Nutzeisen specializes in the sale, rental, and repurchasing of new and used structural steel for special heavy construction and bridge construction. The certified steel construction provides fast, reliable pre-finished steel material.
SÜLZLE KOPF is subdivided into three business units: SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau specializes in the planning, installation, and commissioning of systems for drinking, industrial, and waste water engineering as well as for industrial exhaust and waste gas cleaning. For this the company works with its own welding production, which also takes on contract work. SÜLZLE KOPF Gebäudetechnik implements sustainable energy concepts for all kinds of buildings, including facilities for energy and heat generation and distribution, such as combined heat, cooling, and air conditioning systems as well as heating and plumbing installations.
KOPF SynGas is an expert in energy recovery from sewage sludge.
SÜLZLE Klein is the market leader in developing and implementing thickening, dewatering, and drying equipment for treating sewage sludge and other suspensions.
The SÜLZLE Group employs a total of more than 445 staff at 15 sites in Germany.