New development increases performance


Since July 2018, the Upper Palatinate Special Purpose Association for Thermal Sewage Sludge Utilisation (Zweckverband Thermische Klärschlammverwertung, ZTKS) in Schwandorf has been constructing a two-line drying plant for the utilization of externally accepted sewage sludge. The heart of the plant is supplied by SÜLZLE KLEIN from Niederfischbach. This consists of two Pro-Dry® 2/4 high-temperature belt dryers with a total evaporation capacity of 4.600 kg H2O/h in full stainless steel construction including exhaust air treatment.

The waste heat from the waste-to-energy plant serves as the energy source for sewage sludge drying, which is fed into the drying process in the form of superheated steam via heat exchangers. This steam is a by-product of the power generation by means of turbines in the power plant. The additional integration of heat recovery reduces the use of resources and thus achieves the highest possible efficiency and performance of the plant. By means of a SÜLZLE KLEIN new development for sludge feeding in the drying plant, the sludge is repeatedly fed onto the dryer belt by means of two so-called “double distributors”. This design innovation enables the operator to operate the plant with unrestricted performance even during maintenance. The SÜLZLE KLEIN team is thus executing another plant according to power plant standards and is looking forward to commissioning, which is scheduled for mid-2019.