Pro-Dry® “Made in Germany” sewage sludge belt dryer successfully delivered to southern Italy


The company Sülzle Klein – the specialist in the field of thickening, dewatering and drying – makes a further contribution to environmental protection with its two dryers.

Despite the corona crisis, which hit Italy and thus also our Italian customer based near Naples particularly hard, the deliveries of the two drying plants on 13.03.2020 and 17.04.2020 could be implemented as planned ex works Niederfischbach. Loading onto two trucks in each case in our factory hall ran completely smoothly while observing all safety precautions. During the transport to Italy itself there were some delays due to longer waiting times. All in all, however, we were able to carry out the delivery on time in accordance with customer requirements.

These two identical Pro-Dry 2/3 HG drying systems are belt dryers with so-called direct heating.  The dryers can be heated with primary fuels (natural gas) or with digester gas obtained from the sewage treatment plant, which allows a climate-friendly heating of the plant. Each plant can dry approx. 16,000 t/a of municipal sewage sludge, while keeping the thermal energy requirement low. Even long truck transports are significantly reduced due to the volume reduction of the dried sewage sludge.

At present, both plants are in the assembly phase, which will continue at full speed despite Covid-19, taking all safety precautions. This is a further evidence that the Italian government classifies this drying plant as infrastructure-relevant and thus the assembly and commissioning, which is planned for summer/autumn 2020, will be implemented rapidly despite the crisis.

We are pleased to be able to continue to support our customer as a reliable and competent partner from the planning stage right through to successful commissioning.