Sludge drying plant for Prerov


We are pleased to have been chosen for the important project in Prerov (Czech Republic) and to be able to realize our first reference plant for sewage sludge drying in the Czech Republic. The project, which will be carried out by the joint venture of the companies OHL S, a.s. and our cooperation partner ARKO TECHNOLOGY, a.s., is to be realized on the existing sewage treatment plant in Prerov. The main objectives of the EU-funded project are to increase the efficiency and sustainability of sewage sludge treatment, reduce transport costs and, in the medium term, to comply with the strict conditions and regulations in the field of sewage disposal from 2022.

The overall project includes, in addition to the new sewage sludge drying plant, the construction of a new dewatering plant and a CHP plant. The already existing sludge dewatering process will be renewed and complemented by the drying plant. For this purpose, a new building will be erected on the site of the sewage treatment plant, where the new belt dryer and the new centrifuges, which take over the upstream sludge dewatering, will be installed. The dried sludge will then be processed as raw material for energy generation.

The foundation stone was already laid on July 20, 2020 at the Prerov sewage treatment plant. The belt dryer type Pro-Dry® M 2-4 LT will be delivered to our customer before the end of this year. The completion and handover of the entire project to the end customer is already planned for the middle of next year.

The Pro-Dry® M 2-4 LT is operated with the waste heat from the CHP (hot water at approx. 90°C) and can dry an annual quantity of at least 9,500 tons of dewatered sewage sludge. The drying plant will thus not only cover its own needs (48,000 P.E.), but also provide drying capacities for dewatered sludge from the region. In the future, besides Prerov, also Hranice, Lipnék nad Besvou and Kojetin will be able to benefit from the plant and its advantages.