Bundled expertise for lighthouse project

Supply and installation of a belt dryer for Kleve


The city of Kleve in North Rhine-Westphalia wants to become climate-neutral by 2050 and is pursuing a comprehensive climate protection concept to this end. The Kleve-Salmorth wastewater treatment plant is being expanded and rebuilt in this context, with the aim of treating wastewater in the future in an energy-autonomous and climate-neutral manner.

The contract for the sludge treatment of lots 4 & 5 has been awarded to SÜLZLE KLEIN’s long-standing partner in plant engineering, the company Zahnen Technik GmbH from Arzfeld. Sülzle Klein GmbH supplies the important core components for thickening, dewatering and drying in this project. Two SÜLZLE KLEIN belt thickeners of the type solidXdrain BM 1-10 will be used for sludge thickening.

In the future, polymer processing will be carried out by two plants of the type solidXfloc S1000 PL 2-2. For sludge dewatering, SÜLZLE KLEIN will for the first time deliver two screw presses type SP-HF 06 XLG, in cooperation with the Austrian partner of IEA Derflinger Gmbh. As the heart of the sewage sludge drying plant, the well-proven belt dryer type Pro-Dry CS 2-6 LT will then be installed. Thanks to the innovative process, the dried granulate can be used sustainably for energy generation, among other things.