Container solution for sewage treatment plant in Erftstadt

SÜLZLE KLEIN sludge thickening for affected flood area


The Erftstadt/Köttingen wastewater treatment plant was severely affected by the flood disaster in 2021. The damage was massive in some cases. Large parts of the mechanical equipment and structural parts of the plant were destroyed.

However, the processes of mechanical-biological wastewater treatment could be restarted after only a few days thanks to loaned aggregates, several provisional solutions and the great commitment of the operating staff.

And yet: Some of the buildings and all of the sludge treatment plant components were so badly affected that they had to be redesigned and rebuilt.

For the excess sludge thickening, SÜLZLE Klein GMBH was awarded the contract for the delivery and commissioning of a mechanical sludge thickening system including peripherals in a container in December 2021. We are very pleased to have made an important contribution to the rehabilitation of the sewage treatment plant with this order. The fault-free acceptance of this important construction measure took place from 14 September 2022.

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