Successful together: SÜLZLE KLEIN puts first Amodes mobile dewatering system on a trailer


Up to now, Amodes’ dewatering systems have been mainly mounted on mobile FlatRacks. SÜLZLE KLEIN was commissioned by Amodes to undertake the structural redesign of the process engineering stages from 40′ FlatRack to 3-axle truck trailers, thereby achieving several advantages:

  • Amodes increased flexibility through faster and less expensive transportation options between job sites, as the trailer can be pulled by any conventional tractor.
  • Safer operation of the plant from the walkways secured with railings.
  • Better accessibility due to rearrangement of the process stages.
  • Adjustable axles and supports facilitate alignment of the entire plant on site.

Transparent communication between Amodes and SÜLZLE KLEIN about the adjustments and progress ensured that the project ran smoothly.  Tim Wienand (Technical Manager Amodes) and Lukas Schulte (Project Manager SÜLZLE KLEIN) led the project in good cooperation.

We are pleased that we were able to hand over the finished trailer to Amodes, wish our colleagues much business success with the modernized plant and look forward to further joint projects.