SÜLZLE KLEIN: Shipment of two complete lines for thickening surplus sludge in Southeast Europe


Two lines for excess sludge thickening, each with a capacity of 65 m³/h, have set off on their journey to Southeast Europe. In detail, these are two encapsulated belt thickeners of the type solidXdrain AS 1-20 with an upstream reaction mixer of the type RM 816. For the flexible use of liquid and powder polymers, each line is equipped with a high-quality stainless steel polymer plant of the type solidXfloc T 750 PL 2-1. The ensemble is completed by the switchgear, which also finds its way to the customer from Niederfischbach. The customer assembles the plant himself on site. Commissioning is again carried out by experienced service technicians from SÜLZLE KLEIN GmbH.