Belt-Dryer Compact-Dry

For water evaporation rates 150-700 kg/h per line.

The Low-Temperature-Dry Compact-Dry is a modular drying system which is delivered on site “almost ready to run”. Linking together several parts fully fitted with heating and air technology which can be assembled and activated “Plug and Play”, means that a fully operational unit can be set up within a short time.


  • Gentle drying at low temperatures
  • Reliable operation with low maintenance
  • No explosion- or fire-risk
  • Can be used with low-grade energy sources (waste heat)
  • Dry material in the form of abrasion-resistant granules which have low dust content and store well
  • Huge reduction in utilisation costs due to reduced weight
  • Air pollution and odour emissions way below the required limits (with a tailor-made exhaust air treatment system)
  • Low investment costs
  • 24-hour unattended operation
  • Construction and operation of drying system in compliance with ATEX directives
  • Can be expanded due to modular design


  • Sewage sludges
  • Recycling products
  • Paper mill sludges
  • Fermentation residues
  • Wood and biomass waste
  • Extruded and pelleted products
  • Granules and bulk solids
  • Biomass