Disc thickener: solidXdrain C

A slowly rotating, inclined and perforated disc is covered with screen cloth. Conditioned sludge is evenly distributed over the radius of the disc by a guiding device. The thin sludge accumulates at the low point of the disc, creating a hydrostatic pressure that ensures better drainage of the filtrate. During the upward movement, rotating disturbing bodies gently rearrange the sludge so that a free screening surface is always created for unhindered filtrate discharge. At the discharge, a specially shaped scraper pushes the thickened sludge from the disc into the outlet box. Between discharge and feed, the screen is cleaned by water nozzles.

Performance and efficiency:

– Available in 3 sizes
– Volume reduction > 85
– Typical final solids content > 6 % TR
– Low polymer consumption
– Low specific power consumption
– Operating time < 10 min/d - Minimal rinsing water requirement - Spray tube system with cleaning device (optionally automated) - Degree of separation > 97 %.
– Degree of thickening can be optimised by adjusting throughput,
polymer dosing and speed
– Easy maintenance due to large inspection flaps
– Encapsulated machine also allows thickening of odour-intensive sludges
odour-intensive sludges
– Automated 24-hour operation possible
– Dismantling of the filter and seals possible without
without dismantling the gear motor
– Low speed
– Low maintenance