Gravity-Belt-Thickener solidXdrain

For thickening municipal surplus sludge to 5-8% DS

Water drained from sludge by gravity filtration. High quality, special sieve belts, clog-free baffle plates and adjustable flow ramps are crucial to the efficiency of this solidXdrain.

Features of solidXdrain

  • Large, active filtration area
  • Thin sludge feed gentle on floccs
  • High-quality, special sieve belts adjusted to the sludge
  • Clog-free, individually adjustable baffle plates
  • DS content adjusted via an adjustable ramp
  • Internal splash guard encapsulation
  • Large access and control flap valves


  • Low return loading due to separation efficiencies up to 99%
  • Low polymer consumption of approx. 2-3 kg WS/t-DS
  • Reduced power demand from energy-efficient drives
  • Simplified and minimised operator input
  • Long service life and low maintenance costs due to high quality components
  • Sludge filtrate used for belt cleaning


  • Solid / liquid separation of suspensions
  • Thickening sludges from water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Volume reduction for optimised digester operation and reduced disposal costs