Polymer-Station solidXfloc

For preparing polymers up to 0.1%

Our intelligent polymer dosing system and energy-efficient, high-performance agitator perfectly unfold the polymer chains so that all of the active substance comes into use, 100%. Can process liquid or powdered polymers during preparation.

Features of solidXfloc

  • Robust, double-deck tank made of stainless steel
  • Intelligent polymer and water dosing system
  • Energy-efficient, high-performance agitator
  • Spray and aerosol-resistant design
  • Reliable measurement technology
  • Overfill protection by selective discharge


  • Savings in polymer consumption achieved by fully unfolding the polymer chains
  • Reduced power consumption from energy-efficient drives
  • Simple, minimal operator input
  • Long service life and low maintenance costs from using high quality components


  • Polymer preparation for sludge conditioning
  • Preparation of aluminium sulphate for precipitation processes