MUD 130 – Mobile unit for desludging

  • Engineered by UWT Swiss
  • The MUD 130 machine cleans all kind of waterways and removes sludge, sand and waste. A suction dredger pumps the sludge from the waterway to our Mobile Unit for Desludging MUD 130. It is a worldwide unique all-in-one high-tech desludging system with the highest capacity within the smallest space. This machine separates automatically sand, coarse material (incl. trash), dewatered sludge and clear water. The dewatered sludge output can reach a DS-content of up to 65%.
  • This machine is highly environment friendly based on an enclosed system and permanent water quality control. Due to low operational costs and low power consumption the desludging projects are cost effective.
  • This machine can be used for any kind of sludge and waterways (rivers, canals, ponds, lakes, ports etc.).
  • Further details you will find in our flyer: mobile unit for desludging


  • The machine is mobile and easy to transport (40’ Container Platform).
  • Low operational costs
  • Highly environment friendly
  • Required space for the installation: only approx. 200 m2
  • Short installation time (1-2 hours)
  • Continuous water quality controls of returned clear water.
  • Instant, transportable dry sludge (filter cakes) up to 65% dryness
  • The machines runs fully automatically and can be operated by only 1-2 persons


  • Natural, municipal and industrial sludge
  • Rivers, canals, ponds, lakes
  • Urban regions like metropolitan cities
  • Port facilities
  • Countryside areas