Screw-Press solidXscrew

For dewatering surplus and digested sludge to 18-28% DS

Our revolutionary solidXscrew combines the high dewatering efficiency of a centrifuge with the low power consumption of a screw press. Unlike conventional screw presses, it has a high slenderness ratio and an auto-adaptive controller.

Features of solidXscrew

  • Installed drive power 2.20 kW
  • Low speeds of < 1.5 rpm
  • Slenderness ratio > 6
  • All parts coming into contact with the product are fabricated from stainless steel as standard
  • Auto-adaptive controller
  • Sound level < 60 dB (A)
  • Fully encapsulated


  • Minimum operating and investment costs from a complete package, perfectly adapted to your needs; includes polymer system and switch cabinet
  • High dewatering efficiency, low power consumption and low polymer consumption
  • Reliable, 24-hour continuous operation from auto-adaptive controller
  • Low return loading due to smart filtrate management
  • Minimum maintenance costs due to quick maintenance system


Dewatering sludges and suspensions from:

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Paper mills
  • Steel and rolling mills
  • Water treatment systems