SÜLZLE Sustainability

Engagement for the environment and society is a tradition with us. We believe that only companies that also fulfill their social, economic and ecological obligations can operate sustainably.

This is why we rely on environmentally friendly and efficient logistics throughout the Group. We therefore protect existing resources by using them as efficiently as possible. And that is why we place people at the center of our activities.

As a group of companies with a long history, we take our social responsibility seriously and invest in projects run by various charitable associations, schools and social institutions. This is based on the simple conviction that we can achieve a lot together: More equal opportunities, more education and a better environment.

Regional roots also need to be cultivated, that is why we support local sports clubs – from top-class high-performance sports to popular sports in the lower leagues. We do this out of local solidarity, but also to promote the sustainability of the various club concepts.

The SÜLZLE Group is an active supporter of the Alliance for Development and Climate since early 2020 and voluntarily pursues the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. We have taken on the task of making the group of companies CO2 -neutral step by step: through analysis, reduction and compensation.

If we cannot avoid our CO2 emissions, we offset them elsewhere by promoting and supporting certified projects such as forest conservation, reforestation, infrastructure improvement in emerging and developing countries, and the generation of renewable energies (photovoltaics, hydropower, and wind power). In addition to international projects, we are also active regionally. The SÜLZLE Klein company has been climate neutral since 2021 in order to save the one world for future generations.