Belt-Dryer Pro-Dry®

For water evaporation rates from 500-6,000 kg/h per line.

The Low-Temperature-Dryer Pro-Dry® incorporates a large area to provide a sufficiently long residence time for the material on a relatively large surface so that it can move slowly through the dryer zone at 80-90°C. Easily capable of drying to a residual moisture of 30-8%.


  • Exhaust treatment system available for drying malodorous products
  • Gentle drying at low temperatures
  • Reliable operation with low maintenance
  • No explosion- or fire-risk
  • Can be used with low-grade energy sources (waste heat)
  • Dry material in the form of abrasion-resistant granules which have low dust content and store well
  • Huge reduction in utilisation costs due to reduced weight
  • Air pollution and odour emissions way below the required limits (with a tailor-made exhaust-air treatment system)
  • Low investment costs
  • 24-hour unattended operation
  • Construction and operation of drying system in compliance with ATEX directives
  • Can be expanded due to modular design


  • Sewage sludges
  • Recycling products
  • Paper mill sludges
  • Fermentation residues
  • Wood and biomass waste
  • Extruded and pelleted products
  • Granules and bulk solids